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How to be an Objector?

Calling for 100 objectors for every constituency

Malaysia just commenced the electoral redelineation exercise 13 years after the last. It has far reaching impact on the composition of the Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies of Malaysia. More importantly, it will define the electoral outcome for the 14th General Election and the government we choose to rule.

We in Tindak Malaysia have been persistently preparing for this big event over the years through education, maps and statistical analysis. We want to ensure all Malaysians have free and fair electoral representation. Hence, mobilizing voters to shape our electoral boundaries and representation is of utmost importance.

It only takes 100 objectors to influence the outcome of the redelineation. While we are currently in stage 1 of the redelineation (up to 14th October 2016), we want mobilize you and fellow electors right now. There are two stages to follow:

(Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to answer the general matters)

Download all Resources Here

Stage 1 : Creating Preparatory Letters for EC

Step 1 : Instructions on how to write a Instructions to Submit Letter to Election Commission (EC/SPR)

Step 2 : Fill up the Request for Information Letter for EC

Step 3 : Fill up the Letter to Clarify the Objection Form from EC

Step 4 : Identifying the address of EC offices of EC Office for every state (needed for your two letters above)

Step 5 : Identify the Places to Inspect the Proposed Redelineated Boundary Maps (needed for your two letters above)

Stage 2 : Collecting Objectors and Filing the Objection Letter

Step 1 : Read Guidelines to Mobilize 100+ objectors

Step 2 : Download Borang 1 (Details of the Objectors and 3 spokespersons for the group) & Borang 1B (Details of additional objectors)

Step 3 : Fill up the Borang 1 and Borang 1B with registered voter details and verify their details against SPR registry (

Step 4 : Download Borang 2 and follow the instructions as shown in Guidelines to Mobilize 100 objectors

Step 5 : Assemble all the documents (Borang 1, 1B and 2) and prepare for them for submission

Step 6 : If you are based overseas and have specific enquiries about the state level redelineation matters, please contact your State Coordinators here.

Stage 3 : Preparing & Submitting your Objection

Step 1 : Prepare your Objector signatures following the Garispandu Mengumpulkan Pembantah Persempadanan

Step 2 : Download the Borang 0 and fill up the blank spaces with the relevant information

Step 3 : Modify the last part of the Butir-butir Bantahan according to your local situation. If there are no specific local issues, then delete this part

Step 4 : Get the Lampiran from Tindak Malaysia and edit all the local content according to your DUN, PAR & State

Step 5 : Assemble your Bantahan in this order:

Borang 0 + Borang 1 + Borang 1a + Borang 2 + Lampiran

Step 6 : Make a copy of your Bantahan, bring the original and copy to SPR, submit the original and get them to date stamp your copy.

Step 7 : Keep your copy carefully together with your copies of the Permohonan Maklumat & Keterangan and get ready for the hearing.


Have more questions? Please go to our dedicated FB page and one of our team members will assist you