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FAQ about Objections

Q What we can do at layman level?

A Layman level, 3 tasks…

.   Help register Objectors.

.   Help organise Objector registrations.

.   Help bring our message to the people.

More advanced layman task…

.   Take leadership in coordinating Objectors in your Constituency.

Q Do we have a list of vulnerable constituency which suffer the most in malapportionment and gerrymandering?

A Analysis still in progress. Malapportionment can be shown numerically, comparing elector apportionment between constituencies. Gerrymandering can only be shown qualitatively, comparing boundaries with permanent geographical features. After we obtain Daerah Mengundi maps & elector demographics data, quantitative gerrymandering analysis can be done.

Q Are the previous forms still valid? Or we have to ask them to sign again?

A If the forms are properly filled out and the PAR DUN DM information is correct, they can and will be used. It will be good if those organizing objections in the same constituency compare lists to make sure there are no duplications, that could save some heartache.

Q I have a friend who want to get 100 objectors for Ipoh Timur. Where I can direct her to?

A The forms are here: Download them and print them out. Refer to Garispandu Mengumpulkan Pembantah Persempadanan.pdf.

Walk along your street and ask your neighbours if they are voting in your constituency (I assume you are living in your own constituency). Screen out people who have already signed up with other groups.

If yes, show them the Equalization Bar Chart and ask if they wish to give feedback to the EC on their desire for fair constituencies.

If yes, get their IC and check their locality in the EC website. Verify that their DM is in your DUN. If not, fill up Borang 2.

If yes, get them to fill in the “Borang 1 Butir-butir Pembantah”. Leave 1st 3 names unfilled. Reserve for Representatives (lawyer or people in articulate BM who can make presentations and yourself).

If Borang 1 is filled up, continue to “Borang 1b Butir-butir Pembantah Tambahan”. Keep going until you reach 120 or more objectors. No harm going to 150 if you can.

Beyond that, start a fresh batch of objectors and repeat the process above. You are now creating a 2nd group of objectors. Keep creating as many groups as you wish and they can object on other issues not stated by the 1st Group of Objectors.

If not in same DUN, use “Borang 2 Butir-Butir Pembantah Individu” which is for those outside your constituency.

Q Is the lawyers drafting team doing the drafting of the grounds of objection?

A They have been working on the guidelines, which should be ready soon. 2 letters to EC are ready for submission: 1. Letter of Request for Information, 2. Letter to Clarify Borang Pembantah.

Q How to go about and what to say if people ask what we do after signing these forms?

A For those submitting on your own, cut the form in 2 and submit one part for the first submission. Keep the other part for the second submission. The Garispandu explains what to do with the forms.

A team of lawyers from the MyConsti group are finalizing the guidelines on writing objections. Following that, we will prepare a generic template to be used by all objection teams. The template allows for local issues to be included.

When the objection report is ready and sufficient signatures collected, the whole set has to be copied, stapled together and submitted personally to the SPR office. If personal delivery is not possible, we recommend AR Registered post.

There are 4 things happening now in which TM volunteers can participate… 1. Sign up as an objector 2. Volunteer for data or mapping activity that’s happening now. 3. Volunteer to help in the management of objections at any location and with any group including non TM ones. 4. Take up the challenge of gathering volunteers and form an objection group in your Constituency.

Q  How to get reps for the first 3 names if don’t have suitable candidates from the objectors list? What next ‘s with this list of 120 objectors?

A Leave the first 3 names out first. As you go along, talk to the Objectors and ask if they can be the rep. Select people who are articulate and can ask hard questions. SPR must learn that the people mean business.

Q Is there a leader here? I need a clear instruction and direction, what should we do? Who should we listen to? There are many messages and instructions here. 1) Objection, by October 14, How? 2) Redelineation exercise: what is our task now?  What should we (volunteers) do?

What We’ve done so far on 1) register as an objector myself and spread the word to family and friends 2) help in eye balling the OCRed par/dun listing. Next I suppose is working on georeferencing? I’m interested to know the outcome and respective deadlines so that we can work towards them.

A 1st outcome is a display of our current DM boundaries on top of the SPR proposal. This is to enable viewers to compare current & proposed. Since Dart people have already offered this online, it is no longer urgent for us to rush to do this. But the georeferencing is still necessary.

The second outcome is the offering of digitized maps of the SPR proposal showing graphically how the malapportionment can affect voters. For this, we need volunteers to use the georeferenced images & trace the DUN boundaries.

Graphical analysis of the digitized maps is being done by one of our volunteers. He is a one man show because nobody else has the tools or the skills. What we can do is to support him by generating the digitized maps.

By when? Yesterday! But that’s impossible so we do the best we can.

As for objections, there are 3 tasks…

1. Sign up as an objector.

2. Help to organise a local Objector group in your Constituency

3. Help to sort & distribute Objector forms at our central location.

Q Do you know Anyone is assigning and training volunteers to use georeferenced images and trace DUN boundaries?

A We don’t expect that anyone who has not done georeferencing and map tracing will be able to pick up the skill quickly enough. We were counting on those who worked previously on developing our digitized maps to be doing this. If they have forgotten and need a refresher, it can be arranged.

Q Can we arrange one refresher session soon?

A Is tomorrow too soon?

The training videos we uploaded previously and which are a good refresher are available here……

Q Hi guys, we had a meeting last night and these are some important questions we would like to clarify:-  Which exact Borang is valid for submission?

A The Borang Bantahan that is published by SPR is obviously valid but DART have modified it and it was used and accepted in Sarawak. The only difference between the two is SPR’s is portrait view while DART’s is landscape so that there is more room to write the details.

Q Are the borangs filled up two years ago still valid?

A We believe most of the borangs we collected were undated for this reason. If they were inadvertently dated, we just cancel the dates. We can’t say for certain SPR will accept but we believe they have no reason to reject, it is a lot more detailed than they require.

Q Do we have to attach photocopy IC for the borang bantahan?

A No

Q  Say in a PAR there are DUN A and DUN B.   Can a person file objection in both PAR and DUN A?

A Yes

Q  If yes, does he have to fill in two borangs bantahan?

A Yes, sign the two Borang Bantahan

Q How about presenters? Can one presenter presents in both PAR and DUN?

A Yes

Q  Are we submitting DART/TM proposed map at the time of submitting the borang bantahan?

A Neither. The only bantahan SPR will accept are those made in relation to what they are proposing. In other words, the Surat Bantahan that accompanies the Borang Bantahan must list the reasons why you don’t agree with their proposal. Just submitting a map or proposal would not be recognized and no inquiry will be called for that submission. That would have wasted all our efforts in collecting signatures. What DART is doing is analyzing the changes and list out the grounds for objection for each constituency. We will then help prepare the Surat Bantahan to accompany the Borang Bantahan.

Q What’s the method of service of the Borangs bantahan? By hand? By post?

A By hand would be best

Q Submission is to be done by 13/10/2016 ( 14/10 is Johor public holiday)?

A Then by 13/10

Q Do we need a cover letter? Where in JB do we submit the borang bantahan to?

A The Surat Bantahan is the cover letter. Submit at the Johor SPR office at Wisma Persekutuan.

Q Can I clarify point 4 with you guys- what does the bar council think?

A We had also created our own Borang. But after discussion with Bar members, we are following the SPR format. For individual signing, there is no Borang provided by SPR so we are using our own form. We will submit every design of Borang Individu but we recommend to add the details into the main SPR form, without signatures. The signatures will be on the individual form. Our Borang & Garispandu can be downloaded from here…

Submit personally and get them to stamp/sign on a duplicate copy. If you have a multi page objection report, put it behind the Borang 00 then followed by Borang 1 & 1b and then all the Borang Individu.

Q (1) Is TM independent in this work or working together with political party? (2) If independent, does it means TM is submitting it’s own map proposal and doing it’s own objection?  (3) If independent, does it means there will be another map proposal and objection from different party?

A TM has been and will remain politically neutral. But we will work with any group that shares our vision and principles. The materials we produce are available for anyone to download and use. We will share our templates & maps with any interested group, including political parties.

Objections can be submitted by any group of registered voters. If there are many volunteers, then there can be several sets of objectors from the same constituency. But if there are few people coming forward, then we will seek to consolidate with other groups to get the required number. We will guide any group that seeks our advice.

Q Next is Action Plan. 1) Will there be any official instruction from TM? 2) will there be any news on this work? 3) should we wait for TM announcement?

A There are 4 things happening now in which TM volunteers can participate…

1. Sign up as an objector

2. Volunteer for data or mapping activity that’s happening now.

3. Volunteer to help in the management of objections at any location and with any group including non TM ones.

4. Take up the challenge of gathering volunteers and form an objection group in your Constituency.

For 1 – 3, let us know and we will connect you with the relevant people.

For 4, let us know and we will help you to get started.

Q 1. For individual signing online, we will sign the borang on behalf of them?  2. Do we have to submit proposed map at the time of submission of those forms?

A Individuals registering online will have the Borang Individu prepared & emailed to them together with the postal address of the person handling their area. They have to print & sign the form and then post it to the coordinator. SPR will require original signatures so we need the original signed forms. Maps should be included together with the rest of the objection report.

Q Please connect me to the objection group, I will carry out task 1, 3, and 4.

A We will ask the Objectors Admin to add you to the WhatsApp group.

Q Any specific link for ppl to sign up as objector?


Q I thought there’s another link they can sign up. This one they register then TM will send email. Thereafter hope they follow thru. 

A This is the one. There are 4 fields to fill up. Name, MyKad, phone & email.

Verification email will be sent. When email verified, SPR data will be displayed for verification. When verified, Borang 2 will be sent by email together with address of State Coordinator.

Sign the Borang and post or courier original to State Coordinator.

The one by DART, they will be informed where to go to sign the Borang.

Q Anyone can answer pls? Vote according to IC rite?

I’m registered.. But is old address.. Is it necessary to change address now? My address on my IC now is not the same as the address registered.. Will my vote still valid?

A Doesn’t matter if you change IC after registering. But voting will follow old address.

If you didn’t change IC but different address shown, then must find out why.

Q Let’s say system show a person voting in Sri Damansara but IC is SS2, OK rite? Or she must change to SD?

A If you change IC address and want to vote in new location, must go to Pos Malaysia or SPR & fill the Borang to change address. Otherwise, still vote in old address.

Now can bantah with old address, later change to new address for voting. But during address change, registration may disappear. Be careful.