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We recruited and trained more than 10,000 Malaysians as Polling, Counting and Barung Agent for GE13. We are targeting to recruit and train 100,000 Malaysians as PACABA and 1,000 PACABA trainers for GE14. Will you want to be part of this?


During GE13, we collaborated and produced six voter education videos with MyDurian TV and Bersin 2.0 and reach >800,000 viewership on social media. We need more expertise and support in this area in order to reach more voters in the next GE, especially those in the rural area.

MediaRakyat “Speak Your Mind”: Tindak Malaysia

EP01 Ambiga


EP02 Patrick Teoh

EP03a Wong Fat Hong

EP03b Indelible Ink Explanation

EP04a Pengundi Hantu Intro

EP04b Pengundi Hantu Explanation

EP05a Hidden Dot Intro

EP05b Hidden Dot Explanation

EP06 Changing Room

EP07 Election Costs

EP08 0.77 Minit

EP09 Flawed Electoral System

EP10 Postal Voter

EP11 Voting Tips