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Online Electoral Maps of Malaysia


We, Tindak Malaysia, are committed to educate Malaysian citizens to learn about the electorate scene and the redelineation process. Leveraging on our GIS expertise, we hereby present Malaysia’s Online Electoral Map site. We believe this is a FIRST for Malaysia.

*Given the relatively small size of the Malaysian electoral field and the restricted sources of primary data, resultant analytics and maps would tend to be similar. Any similarities with other maps are entirely coincidental. Permission is required to source datasets for all the applications as below. We acknowledge the hardwork of countless volunteers since 2013 who contributed to Tindak mapping program


2018 Present Political Scene

Below here is the latest map showing who are the MPs and the seats won by the various coalitions. This dynamic map is updated when there is vacancy and by election occur at the parliamentary level

We acknowledge the following Sources for the map: SPR Malaysia (2018), Felda, Wikipedia, MalayMail, Malaysiakini

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Mapping Political Demographics for GE14

Using the simple visualization options of Tableau Public, we offer simple insights into Malaysian voter demographics that would be key in understanding the developments of GE14. These maps utilise the latest constituency boundaries and are labeled in Malay to obtain maximum readership

Key Instructions

  1. Choose one of the following maps by clicking on the tabs above – Etnik Pengundi Malaysia [Voter ethnicity], Pengundi Belia Malaysia – [Youth voters], Pengundi Awal Malaysia – [Early Voters]
  2. Hover over one of the parliamentary areas and wait – the information will load up. You will see key insights on ethnicity, youth population or presence of early voters, depending on the map selected
  3. Click on the search icon on the left hand side of the map to key in your hometown or interested area. You will be zoomed into the area you selected
  4. Colour coding of the pie charts are explained in the Pecahan Etnik section

For separate view of the application, please click on the link

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Comparing GE13 (2013) and GE14 (2018) Boundaries

With the new redelineated boundaries approved on 29th March 2018, we would like to share with you a simple interactive map application to see where the changes have occurred. Follow the instructions on the left hand side of the Application. Assess how boundaries have changed and which seats experienced name changes.

**No parliamentary boundary amendments were done for Sabah, Sarawak (completed in 2015) and Labuan**

Click HERE for the Interactive Map Application

We acknowledge the following sources for the application : SPR Malaysia

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2015/17 Electoral Map Scene

Below is the 21/17 Electoral & Demographic Map of Malaysia. Hover to identify the Parliamentary Constituency and click for details. You can pan and zoom the map using your mouse and scroll wheel.

On your right hand side, you will see the values change of average voter growth, ethnic majorities and general party composition of the area. It is in dynamic setting where it changes as you move around Malaysia.

We acknowledge the following sources for the application above: SPR Malaysia, The Malaysian Insight, Malaysiakini, Wikipedia, Bersih

*The boundaries only valid till 29th March 2018. 13th Parliament has dissolved itself on 7th April 2018

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Resources for Redelineation Concepts

Keen to know the principles of redelineation and understanding the types of rigging? Learn more here

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Historical Electoral Maps (Work in Progress)

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